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Project management is one of the most popular and appealing careers offering thousands of new opportunities every year.

If you want to secure your dream job in the field of project management then you must include relevant phrases and keywords in your project management resume.

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To see how it all takes shape, take a look at our accounting resume example(s) below:

What makes this project management resume sample effective?

The above project management resume sample is guaranteed to improve your visibility because:

It provides clear and relevant quantifiable results and information.
The human mind is better at comprehending numbers than plain text. This sample not only uses the words but also numbers and symbols to highlight candidate’s important skills and achievements.

It demonstrates how the candidate’s skills and experience are vital for the employer.
The hiring manager or the recruitment agency will be interested in how the candidate’s skill-set, achievements and experiences would benefit the company so it would make sense to showcase how you were able to add value to your previous workplaces and whether you played an important role in important areas for any business organization such as sales and revenue increase, growth of the organization, employee retention, and more.

It doesn’t have an objective statement.
This resume sample makes the candidate’s professional summary prominent rather than having a non-specific objective statement. It highlights the key areas of expertise of the candidate in a bullet point format.

It’s simple and concise.
A good resume includes important phrases and keywords in bullet points. How many resumes a hiring manager reviews on a daily basis? If the resume is too complex and difficult to understand, why wouldn’t the hiring manager move on to the next one? This resume sample is simple, sweet and straightforward making it easier for the hiring manager to find the exact information they are looking for.

Action verbs enhances the effectiveness of your resume.
But it’s not just about using any action verbs rather you need to use industry relevant action verbs that would add more meaning and weight to information. Some examples of strong action verbs include:

  • Advised
  • Created
  • Compiled
  • Completed
  • Designed
  • Examined
  • Influenced
  • Motivated

It uses simple and clean fonts.
Use of fancy fonts in a resume should be avoided because hiring managers and even the applicant tracking systems are unable to read complex and fancy fonts. Instead, use clear and easy to read fonts such as Times New Roman, Arial, Cumbria, Calibri.

It has white space.
Each page of the resume should have sufficient white space around all four sides of the document. The margins of the document should be carefully selected so if a person prints your resume document, they shouldn’t experience any formatting issues.

Simple and organized format works the best.
The most effective resume will have a simple and organized layout event though some people may think otherwise. Keeping the resume simple and professional with clear breaks between sections still works the best.

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