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Helping individuals reach their career goals is what gets our team out of bed in the morning. Your resume is your story, and we love a good ending.

Taking the first step towards professional success

Emily. Engineer

Emily was struggling to get a job even after acquiring great communication skills and engineering degree. Her career goals and skills were not captured exactly in the resume. The structure of her resume and details about her expertise was not making a strong impression on the recruiters.

Getting an edge in a competitive environment

Dan. Engineer

Dan has been looking to get a job in an organization that would expose him to a stiff competition. Receiving a call from such a prestigious organization is like a dream coming true for anyone. He wanted to make a strong impression through his resume and cover letter at first hand.

Resuming the professional career

Sherly. School Teacher

Sherly was a school teacher, and she had to quit her job for two years due to some health issues. She wanted to resume her profession once again with a promising resume and cover letter that narrates her professional and personal journey crisply without making it a hard read.

Upgrading skills and expertise on resume

Catherine. School Teacher

Catherine was looking to update her resume and cover letter as she had been updating her skills through various online courses. Her resume was too long, and she wanted to include all her details concisely yet professionally that could grab the attention of the recruiters.

Switching industries

Paul. Bank Manager

Paul had been working as a Bank manager for 5 years to fulfil his financial requirements, but he was not satisfied with his job. He wanted to change his career, try something new and intended to capture his expertise professionally in his resume and cover letter.


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