Accounting Resume Sample

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Usage of symbols and numbers for highlighting essential skills and achievements and providing clear and relevant quantifiable information.

Showcasing candidate’s skills and experience in such a way to highlight the value delivered at previous workplaces and impressing the employer.

Instead of providing a non-specific objective statement, the resume highlights the key areas of expertise..

The information is presented simply and concisely through the usage of bullet points highlighting the information required by the employer.

Usage of clear, easily readable fonts giving the resume a professional format along with the use of white spaces along all four sides of the document.

Through an organized layout with clear breaks, the resume looks simple yet professional.

Top skills to include in your accounting resume:

Following are the top must-have skills you should include in your resume to make a promising accounting career.

  • Knowledge and in-depth understanding of regulatory standards regarding corporate and public finances.
  • Standards and principles of accounting such as the International Financial Reporting Standards, Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP)
  • An understanding of the general business operations for inter-departmental dealings, communication, and negotiation with vendors and industries outside of finance
  • Proficiency in various software such as spreadsheet applications, QuickBooks along with knowledge on the latest technologies such as enterprise resource planning
  • Effective communication skills to convey information and ideas in a clear, concise, and understandable way to the intended audience.
  • Attention to detail for maintaining accuracy and consistency in financial statements
  • Critical thinking skills for analyzing and evaluating the outcome of all possible solutions. They are used in evaluating reports and finding solutions to financial problems.
  • Service orientation for connecting with customers and clients and providing financial advice in the best of their interests.

Apart from these, other skills include,

  • teamwork
  • accuracy
  • professionalism
  • planning and organizing
  • teamwork
  • active learning
  • confidentiality
  • deadline-oriented

Here are some tips for describing your professional skills in your resume effectively.

The following article provides ways and tips to write your accounting resume professionally.

How to write a professional accounting resume?

Presenting yourself as a suitable candidate for a particular position requires demonstrating skills and expertise through an impressive resume. This article guides you through how you can write a professional accounting resume.

Use a resume template:

You can make your resume in a Word document by yourself; however, using a template can structure your resume and remove all the formatting errors

Main sections in the resume:

The following sections are included in an accounting resume,

  • Resume summary or objective:
  • A resume summary or objective is the first section included in your accounting resume, giving an overall idea about you to the employer. The resume summary is written to highlight your work experiences, and if you are just starting out, you should write a resume objective highlighting your professional goals and aspirations.

  • Work experience:
  • Include your work experience in a way that would highlight your services and value delivered to the previous organization. For example, instead of saying “in charge of accounts,” you can say “corrected errors in financial statements and saved the company from considerable losses.”

    It would be best if you used the following structure to list down your work experiences.

    -position name

    -company name

    -from and to date of work

    -responsibilities and achievements

  • Skills:
  • Include all the relevant accounting skills that are discussed above in detail. Make sure to include all the skills relevant to the job description for which you are applying. Sending a tailored resume according to the job description can significantly enhance your chances of impressing the employer.

  • Education and certifications:
  • You should structure your education section in the following way.

    -Degree type and major

    -Institution name

    -Years studied

    -relevant courses

    Include all the relevant certifications if you have any to display your qualifications further.

  • Contact information:
  • This section must include accurate contact information required by the company. This would include,

    -Full name

    -Title (e.g., Accountant)

    -Phone number

    -Email address

  • Languages:
  • Include all the languages that you speak along with the level of proficiency (native, fluent, proficient, intermediate, basic)

  • Interests and hobbies:
  • This section gives the employer an idea about your personality and skills of working in a collaborative environment.

    Tips to make your resume stand amongst the crowd:

    • Before beginning to write your resume, make sure to check out some accounting resume examples to get an idea of how your resume should look like.
    • Choose a correct resume layout and keep your resume concise and to the point.
    • Your resume should look professional and perfectly formatted. Avoid the usage of fancy fonts and complicated layout designs.
    • Highlight your technical skills and additional accounting software expertise to show that you are the perfect candidate for the job
    • Proofread your resume thoroughly to remove any errors before submitting it with the final application.

    These are the ways and tips through which you can write a professional accounting resume and showcase your skills and experiences.