Best career for right-brain dominant people

The theory goes, one side of the brain is always dominant on the other which makes him either Right-brained or Left-brained. But incompatible with the common understanding, our brains are not divided into two parts. The neocortex, the most advanced part of the brain, however, is divided into two spheres and takes a. It determines our thinking pattern and whether we are “right-brained” or “left-brained.”

The Left brain dominant people are known to be rational thinkers, logical, and like to keep things in an orderly manner. The left side is better at reading, writing, and calculations and is cold with their judgment and decisions. Whereas, Right-brained people are more artistic. It is also called the analog brain. The right-brained people are more creative and less organized as compared to the left-brained people.

Left-brained people tend to like dogs and are very hard to hypnotize. Suitable professions for left-brained people are Banking, Law, Doctors, and teachers. Left-brained people are more favored in schools because of their logical and analytical skills.

According to Spree’s research, the left brain dominant people have the following characteristics;

  • Logic
  • Concentration
  • Linear thinking
  • Good at calculations
  • Facts

The same research showed that right-brained people are more visual and intuitive. The research suggests, that the right brain is connected to;

  • Imagination
  • Arts
  • Music
  • Intuition
  • Holistic thinking
  • Daydreaming
  • Feelings
  • Visualization

Right brain dominant people are always looking for possibilities and are risk-takers. They have strong beliefs and favor spatial perception. They appreciate philosophy and religion and are future-oriented, always looking at the bigger picture taking impetuous actions. Right brain dominant thinkers tend to be more detail orientated, logical, systematic thinkers.

Some of the most suitable jobs for the right-brained people are as follows,

Graphic designers

Graphic designers work with colors, shapes, and textures using them to design logos, ads, and promotional posts to mold the visual brand identity. It includes a variety of tasks from designing and printing to development of the websites and online retails. It may include designing the book covers, packaging, textile designing, and much more.

It is a perfect combination of a lot of essential designing elements, software, and tools. The designer’s job is to choose specific tools to develop a visual experience that establishes a connection of the customers with the brand or business. A graphic designer has the liberty to work freely within the restrains and use his creativity when working on a project. This allows the designer to paint a bigger picture that may have an emotional, philosophical or logical element to it.


A psychologist work with patients suffering some sort of mental or health issues. Psychologists develop treatment plans and their clients and help them improve their mental state so that they can move forward and lead healthier and happier life. It is a higher-paying job and appeals to right-brained people because it accounts for emotional intelligence and empathy.

Interior designers

An interior designer must have a strong aesthetic sense and an ability to play with colors, textures, lighting, and designing material to decorate spaces. This requires a perfect mixture of science and arts as well as the ability to give a visual representation to the physical space following the demands of the client. Although it is a job for right-brained people, some left-brain skills are required too.


Right brain dominant people have a sense of leadership. They have to deal with a wide set of personalities every day to perform their day-to-day tasks. They must possess excellent communication skills and grip over multiple languages to perform their tasks successfully. Managers require a high level of motivation to complete the tasks on their own. Good managers are multi-taskers who stay positive, have their eyes on the bigger picture, and always stay positive to be able to deliver desired results.


Drama, acting, musician, painting, and composing all fall in the category of arts, an artist is free to smear his mind on the canvas, be it a stage or any other type of performing platform. It allows the right-brained people to express their emotions and imagination creatively and passionately.


A teacher requires creative and imaginative skills to motivate pupils to learn and grow. It is a highly respected profession as they are responsible for shaping the future of a nation by polishing its youth. It required them to think of fun activities for the students to take interest in learning.  A good teacher has to have excellent management skills too as they have to deal with a classroom full of different personalities.


Counselors are thinkers who have the ability to interpret the problems of others by using a wide variety of soft skills. They listen closely to other’s concerns and give expert advice that resonates with their clients. They are compassionate people who can guide and advise others to motivate themselves into changing their daily habits, thoughts, and actions to improve their life and carrier.


Visual art is a tool through which animators draw, build and tell stories. Their work could end up in a video game, an informative video, or a film. While some animators develop and sell their work, the majority of animators work as freelancers or for content-creating agencies. This work allows animators to pursue their creative interests. While a client may want to achieve certain objectives from the content, the fundamental purpose is to use visual elements to build an emotional connection with the audience.


These could be major or small initiatives, public or private. But, the ultimate effect is an environment that ensures comfort, safety, and functionality.

While architecture does require proficiency in logic and analytical skills (you must ensure that all sides of the structure can hold together), it also necessitates a great deal of visual and creative ability. Architects, on the other hand, can design and develop buildings and places how they choose as long as they follow the rules of physics.

But you will find it strange to know that the left side of the brain is interlinked to the right. Infect the right side is controlled by the left sphere. The question is if we are what we think we are. Most of the activities we consider constituting as left or right brain activity is shared across both the hemispheres.

In reality, most people are essentially similar on both sides of the brain; consider the example of a scientist who is labeled as left-brained due to his analytical and mathematical skills. However, as is typical of the right-brained, he is innovative in devising and analyzing experiments.

However, as is typical of the right-brained, he is innovative in devising and analyzing experiments. Labeling someone as left-brained or right-brained is unnecessary. Humans are beyond this binary classification as both hemispheres work. This is to say that we are not one but a blend, with a slight predilection for one or the other side of the brain. This explains why a person might be artistic and creative (right-brain functions) but also be proficient at languages (a left-brain attribute).