How to add interests to linkedIn profile?

Step by step guide for the beginners!

Surprisingly, LinkedIn’s features can do wonders for you. Among many of its features, one of the most interesting is the “INTERESTS” feature. For instance, let’s say you’re just one step away from your dream job, and this feature can lead you to it in a blink of an eye. It works more effectively than resumes and inspires the hiring teams to meet you in person. The Interest section works by showing the new source of jobs from the influencers, companies, schools, and groups that a LinkedIn member follows.

As a LinkedIn user, you must add your interests and let people talk about you. In this article, we will guide how to empower your skills by adding add Interest to your LinkedIn profile.

Here are the Step by Step Guidelines to Add Interests to Your LinkedIn according to 2021 LinkedIn recent updates…

Past in 2020, after logging in to your profile, you had to visit the additional information section to update the interests. But now, LinkedIn has made it easier for you. To keep your profile more professional, unlike 2020, where you were allowed to add even your personal interests, you can now only add those organizations/companies or people that you’re interested in following.

Log in to LinkedIn Profile & Search the People/Companies you are interested in

When you make the profile on LinkedIn, it keeps asking you for your personal information like Name, Education, Profession and your current job, etc. When you complete these steps, LinkedIn will ask you to follow different people and companies. This means, it automatically starts suggesting you some profiles according to your profession, and this is the point where gradually you came to know about your interests.

In the Search Bar Type the Name of Person or Company that you wish to Add in the Interests Section

This search will help you find more information relevant to the name you are looking for. It may lead to a couple of other opportunities.

For example: If you search the “Deacon”, you will not only be redirected to the Deacon’s company page but the profiles of the people working there will also be displayed. This way, you can expand your professional network.

Go to the Official Page of the Person/Company/Organization that you Want to Add to your Interests

Once you search for a specific name, go to its official page and hit the FOLLOW button. Right after you do that, the profile will be displayed in your profile’s interest section. Now you will start receiving all the latest posts by them in your newsfeed.

Benefits of Add Interests

Since LinkedIn is the best and most popular platform for searching for jobs, adding your interests to your profile will be beneficial for you in many ways.

The key benefit is the admin of the page that you followed gets to know about your interests, your qualification, and your experiences. So, whenever they post an advertisement, you will be able to see it in your news feed.

For example, if you add eBay, as your interest, and they post their job vacancy, you could be able to receive their post immediately, and there will be hundreds of people who might not know about it.

Concluding Remarks

LinkedIn has much more to offer. It is you who needs to know how to flow with the emerging digital space and make it useful in your own best interest. The only thing you need to do is to show your skills and professionalism online and then reign in your desired space. In advance networking through social media, adding interests on LinkedIn can surely help you find your desired post.

We Wish You All the Best! =)