Can I wear jeans for a naturalization interview?

The naturalization interview in the United States of America is the last hurdle for everyone who has filed the N-400 form for citizenship. In simple words, it’s a test or interview for all those who have met the requirements to become United States citizens.

One usually gets a message from the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) towards the end of their form processing time. The message comes as an invitation asking you to come for the interview.

If all goes according to plan, then at the end of the process, you will know for sure if you will be granted U.S citizenship or not. The interview is usually carried out in a private office by a USCIS officer, and it starts with you swearing to tell the truth at all costs.

During the interview, you will be asked several questions about your application and any supporting document provided. While providing answers to these questions, the officer considers many other things, including your English language proficiency and dressing. People often get this question, can I wear jeans for a naturalization interview?

In this article, we will talk about what to wear for an interview and what to avoid.

Is it appropriate to wear jeans for a job interview?

It would be difficult to see someone who is not worried about the prospects of facing a USCIS officer during an interview. The fact that it’s a one on one meeting even makes it worse as the slightest of miscommunication and misinformation can easily make you fail the test.

At this stage, you can see that a first impression would go a long way to convince your interviewer that you’re ready. Now would it be wise to wear jeans? Or is there an official dress code?

The truth is, an immigration officer is not supposed to be biased or have personal opinions of your dressing during an interview, no matter how offended they are by it. It’s still a good idea not to rattle their interest with your attire.

There is no official dress code for what to wear during the interview, doesn’t mean you should abuse it. Wearing jeans in this situation bears no consequences then. So long as you dress very neatly with your jeans and shorts or a well-fitted top, that shouldn’t be an issue for your interviewer.


As stated above, these interviewers are trained especially never to allow their personal feelings to take over their judgment. They are to remain unbiased in all situations, and as such, jeans are not so bad.

There’s one catch; however, these United States Citizenship and Immigration Services personnel are also human, thus sometimes it may be difficult to stay neutral on some occasions.

This is why it’s essential to pay attention to the design and type of jeans you wear. If you wouldn’t mind coming out of the interview room with a positive result, then you should maintain a professional appearance even if you’re wearing a jean.

Type of jeans to avoid

There are many different types of jeans, but it’s best to stay away from the following if you want a positive outcome for your interview.

  • Jagged jean
  • Multicolored jean
  • Jeans with knee cuts
  • Very tight jeans

General suggested attire

The answer to can I wear jeans for a naturalization interview? As we already discussed, wearing jeans for a naturalization interview is okay. There’s nothing wrong with it, so long as you avoid the ones listed above.

When dressing for this naturalization interview, a great rule of thumb is to wear attires that could pass for a job interview or maybe a visit to your spouse’s family.

Try to be clean, appear smart, comfortable, and not too loud. Remember, people often judge you by your appearance, and the first impression matters. You don’t need to wear the most expensive jean or anything, and it just has to be well pressed, clean, and neat.

You are allowed to polish your shoes but don’t go overboard with that. No one would want to see shoes shining like a reflecting mirror. If you’re a lady, you can wear moderate heels, don’t go for those long stilettos. Also, avoid shiny footwear.

The most recommended wear for jeans is to wear one with a suit jacket. Not only does this pass as business casual dressing, but it also incorporates classic business dressing. This is not to say that you can’t wear a suit. It would be an idea to wear a suit.

If you know you will feel more comfortable in one, then, by all means, wear one. But if you’re amongst those people who don’t fancy suits, then you can don a pair of jeans with a nice shirt.

What not to wear to a naturalization interview?

Whatever can be viewed as offensive should be avoided. Avoid wears especially polos or shirts to portray strong political views or memes. It’s also a good idea to stay away from using too much perfume.

Of course, you know some persons are allergic to them, and you don’t want to cause any discomfort to your interviewer. There’s nothing better than keeping it simple.

It would help if you also stayed away from gym clothes and shorts. Generally, anything that appears too tight should be avoided.

Your hairdo should be normal, nothing fancy or provoking.

Can I wear jeans for the naturalization ceremony?

The answer is No!

Unlike the naturalization interview, this ceremony is highly official, and you’re not allowed to wear casual clothes to attend. The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services requests that you dress to respect the dignitaries in attendance.

This is not a closed event like the interview. Hence lots of pictures would be taken and are likely to circulate on the internet. It’s best to dress very formally here.

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