Bartender Job Description for Resume

Every pub or bar requires the services of at least one bartender. Therefore, most of these pubs and bars ensure that their bartender job description for resume is up-to-date before hiring.

While the bartenders are responsible for a lot more than just serving drinks and mixing them, unfortunately, this is what the world has come to see bartenders as; people who mix and serve drinks at bars or restaurants, but the truth is, bartenders have many more responsibilities than perceived.

Since it’s relatively easy to guess bartender job responsibilities at the bars, it’s paramount that we discuss the various tasks they carry out in detail so applicants can include all the necessary details on their resumes when applying for the bartender position.

If you have tried to create your resume for the bartender job vacancy but find yourself unsure about how to write the bartender job description for the resume, then this article is going to help you with all that.

Duties of a bartender

The responsibilities that come with being a bartender are plenty than we presume, and we have taken time to list them out in detail. The following are the key points to be included in the bartender job description for resume;


Bartenders are primarily known for their ability to mix drinks of all kinds, from cocktails, mocktails, beers, and vodka shots. They are very skilled in wine and beer pouring as well.

Washing and cleaning

Bartenders wash and clean equipment used for drinking. All barware is arranged and kept well for later use. Their task is to ensure that all drinking materials are ready when called upon.


Bartenders also handle payment collection as well as operating cash registers. They ensure that they are not shortchanged or cheated by people drinking at the bar. Thus they are very vigilant.

Serving drinks

It is another primary task for bartenders. They are well known worldwide as people who serve drinks, and many do that in some style. Some bartenders also serve food and beverages to customers on request.

Making Healthy Decisions

A bartender generally has to decide if a customer has had too much to drink or not. Since they are the ones serving, then ensure that customers drink in moderation.

Ordering Supplies

Being in charge of the bar means being in charge of everything that has to do with drinks and, In some cases, food. This means that the bartender is also in charge of ordering supplies when they are running low.

Keeping the Bar Organized

Yes, the bartender also has the task of making sure the bar is organized and orderly. They arrange the bottles and make the bar look presentable and pleasing to the eyes.

Checking for Legality

The bartender must ensure that whoever they are serving drinks meets the required alcohol consumption age criteria. This means that their duty includes checking the IDs of people in the bar for certainty.

General bartender skills and knowledge

For the sake of making a bartender job description for your resume, you may be required to attach your skills and knowledge. Therefore, it’s essential to understand that the following are needed skills which you can select from.

  1. A bartender should be able to handle glass and bottles safely. Here is some useful information about spills, breakage, and handling of glass as a bartender.
  2. Bartenders are required to follow necessary recipe instructions given to them when needed to mix drinks. They should be smart enough to understand the right quantity to mix.
  3. A good memory is crucial for a bartender because they would be needed to remember who placed an order and what they requested. For example, you wouldn’t want a situation where you serve vodka to a customer that asked for a beer.
  4. Bartenders are required to have good communication skills too. They need to have the ability to talk directly to customers in a friendly manner and be stern when needed.
  5. A good bartender should be skilled enough to handle customers who are drunk already. Furthermore, they should be skilled enough to do this respectably.

Are bartenders required to be educationally sound?

Well, yes, although it’s not a requirement, although having a certificate from a bartending course would be nice.

In the absence of a bartending vocational course certificate, one can register to go for this training before updating their resume.

You are also required to meet specific age requirements before you can apply to be a bartender. Every country has its minimum age requirement. Hence it’s essential to check for yours before you update your resume. Also, having any experience as a waiter would help too. This should be added without fear or worry.

Expected earnings of bartenders

You should feel free to adjust your rate as needed.

Any extra money coming to the bartender comes from tips they get from customers, which rests on the customers’ satisfaction. So if you do well, they will tip you well.

It’s widespread for bartenders to eat for free at the bar they serve in. Bear that in mind. It’s also essential to have in mind that bartenders get paid when they work during holidays.

With all this in mind, it’s essential to make sure that you’ve updated your resume before making applications to become a bartender.

The most important thing is to make sure you’re saying the truth. To do that, you will only need to work hard and ensure that you have some certifications, some work experience, and, most importantly, the proper skill set to carry out your duties effortlessly.

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